Interior Signage / Indoor Signage in the Age of the New Normal

Indoor Signage in the Age of the New Normal


With COVID-19 changing the way the world turns, indoor signages are more important than ever. After stopping the world for months, there are some countries who are starting to ease restrictions and are slowing crawling back up to try and regain a sense of normalcy. But one thing is certain: the world will never go back to normal. That should not be a problem though, but we need to be prepared.

As employees of different offices and establishments are stepping back to the world, know that how the world interacts with one another has now changed. If you’ve been to your neighbourhood supermarket, chances are you’ve seen new signages and graphics that encourage safety practices to help the world move forward one inch at a time.

Below are guidelines on some practices that can be placed on signages on how to act ini a post- COVID-19 world:

Have friendly signages. Off-the-shelf signs can sometimes be aggressive and can be stressful to some. It’s not their fault; they need to cater to a wider audience if they want their signages to sell. Choosing to customise a sign that fits your store will not only make your business look less like a hazardous chemical plant but have a more aesthetically pleasing sign that blends with the colour palette of your store and offer a sanctuary to the mess that is the world.

Assist customers in their journey through your space. It’s important to consider what is important to the people returning to these spaces. Examine how the customer leaves their home, goes tot he office, enters your store, or dine with friends. Putting up dedicated entrance and exits will help with the flow of people, plus putting arrows on the floor can passively direct people without needing to assist them.

Establish a communication campaign. COVID-19 was a big disruptor to everyone’s lives, and this includes a universal contactless policy that everyone is forced to implement. Use signs to carry out this campaign for your business to ease the transition for everyone. Communicate via email, social media and all sorts of applicable platforms that you may w ant to utilise to get the message across. If it’s interesting enough, you may need not do a lot.

Just like washing and keeping 1.5 metres apart, indoor signages are becoming part of the new normal. With this, putting up signages is just as important in delivering messages without having contact with each other. Hopefully, in the next few months the world will eventually fully adapt and everyone can get on with their lives.

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