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Looking for a Sign? Choose Aluminum


When it comes to picking out a material for your business’ sign, aluminium should be at the top of your list.

Here’s why.

It’s durable

Aluminium is a highly durable material. Where a millimetre-thick sheet of wood or vinyl will be brittle, an aluminium one won’t. And at 2 mm (street sign thickness), aluminium is nearly impossible to bend, warp, split, or shatter without determination and the right equipment.

On top of that, it’s perfectly capable of surviving outdoors just as well as indoors. Where vinyl fades in sunny areas and even treated wood won’t hold up in extreme weather, aluminium is virtually weatherproof. It won’t rust, won’t fade, and won’t decay.


Along with being extremely durable, aluminium is a soft and malleable metal. From cutting it into a custom shape to detailed engraving work to adding on lettering or decals, the sky’s the limit. On an aluminium sheet, you can represent your business the way you want, down to the last detail.


You’d think that a sign made of a material like this would be expensive. But aluminium is actually one of the cheapest options out there, beating out even some plastics. And due to its durability, it requires little maintenance and can last years before it needs to be touched up, repaired, or replaced.

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