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Can Signage Boost Sales?


Can Signage Boost Sales? 


Whoever coined the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” was obviously not a signage or graphics expert.


According to the “What’s Your Sign?” survey commissioned by FedEx Office (in 2012), 70% of consumers believe that outdoor signage reflects the quality of a business and its products or services.


The FedEx Office survey found a strong correlation between appealing outdoor advertising solutions and positive consumer action, emphasising the potential for business growth offered by this simple marketing tool. 


There’s no question that attention-grabbing signage has the power to get more customers across the threshold. And more customers equals more sales. 


However, effective signage extends beyond the shopfront. It encompasses everything from interior signage design to vehicle graphics, posters, banners, and frameless lightboxes.


Building a lasting first impression


Signage is an extension of your business identity. It plays a vital role in building your brand and lets passers-by know what your business is all about. And it’s not only the form, size, and type of materials used that are critical but placement too. As is making outdoor signage spend a priority. Just think of McDonald’s; to reinforce its brand, one of the first things McDonald’s does when opening a new store is install outdoor signage.


Signage is one of the most cost-effective advertising solutions. It is always visible to passers-by. Plus, you’re guaranteed countless impressions for a once-off investment as opposed to the ongoing costs associated with options like TV, radio, and print media. 


Signage can also be practical, helping customers to locate your business (around 50% of customers failed to find a store because its outdoor signage was too small or unclear) or avoid parking in the wrong zone. Their appreciation may well translate into greater brand loyalty and, consequently, improved sales.


Signage has the power to persuade. The FedEx Office survey found that almost 76% of consumers chose to enter a store they haven’t previously visited based on its outdoor signage and that 68% went on to purchase a product or service because the interior signage caught their eye. But the impact of eye-catching outdoor advertising didn’t stop there as approximately 75% of consumers surveyed reported that they’d told someone about a store based solely on its signage.


If memorable signage has the power to increase brand awareness and in-store traffic, imagine the effect of sub-par signage on consumer behaviour.


Again, the FedEx Office Survey revealed that 52% of consumers were unwilling to shop at a store with a poorly made signs, especially those with misspellings. What’s more, 60% of respondents said that they were unlikely to enter a store with no signs out front. The survey further revealed that the ideal number of storefront signs is two to three.


Clearly, it pays to invest in well-placed and well-designed outdoor and interior signage as well as van signage and frameless lightboxes to drive purchases, influence customer decisions, and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.


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